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What We're Buying During The July 4th Sale

Our fourth of July sale is here! Now is the time to stock up on your lash favs or try a few new lash styles for the summer. Of course, the very best day to shop is July 4th while we are offering 30% off. There are still plenty of opportunities to save with 20% off on July 5th and 10% off on July 6th. Here's what's in our cart this holiday weekend and why it should be in your cart too!

Quon's Eyes Rose Hibiscus Lash Lather

(Originally $20)

Unkempt lashes can become a breading ground for unwanted bacteria. Keep germs at bay and revive your lashes with this amazing lash cleanser.

Besides smelling absolutely amazing, this plant-based foamy lash cleanser features antimicrobial properties and hydrating extracts to deeply nourish and cleanse your lashes.

After one wash, lashes are immediately softened and return to their natural luster. This amazing formula can be used on lash extensions as well as your natural lashes to remove mascara and makeup. Our cleanser also comes with a brush to help you massage the product into your lashes to help remove bacteria and debris. Shop our Lash Lather, click here.

Quon's Eyes Face Gems

(Originally $7 - $10)

Did you catch the BET Awards this week? Hot Girl Meg served major face! To compliment her beauty, she showed-off her gorgeous cheek bones, adorn with green gems.

This summer is all about the gems baby! Gem up your glam game with our easy to apply face gems. With a wide-selection of gem styles you can elevate any beauty look within seconds! Shop our gems, click here.

Quon's Eyes Spoolie-On-The-Go Wand

(Originally $6)

Have you ever found yourself on the go with the need to adjust or fluff your lashes? Our Spoolie-On-The-Go Wand is the perfect solution to adjust and fluff your lashes in a safe way.

Our wands are thoughtfully designed to help keep potential germs away from your eyes. Instead of using your fingers to adjust your lashes, use our spoolie!

Our hands come in contact with a wide-variety of surfaces throughout the day and can easily transmit germs to your face. Store our spoolie in your purse and use it to adjust your lashes to reduce the risk of transmitting harmful bacteria from your fingers to your eyes while on the go! Shop our spoolie, click here.

Quon's Eyes Aphrodite Lash

(Originally $29)

We love the Aphrodite Lash! She is the perfect combination of revenge beauty and glow-up all in one lash.

This gorgeous lash features delicate inner and outer corners, with a dose of three-dimensional high glam in the center of the lash. She does a lot without doing the most. There's a reason why she is the goddess of love. Shop Aphrodite, click here.

Glow up this holiday weekend during our July 4th sale! Enter "save30" for 30% off on July 4th, "save20" for 20% off July 5th, and "save10" for 10% off July 6th!

Until next time beauties, command the room, period!

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