Get into the complete Quon's Eyes experience with the latest addition to our beauty brand, our Face-To-Face Magazine! 


We are  so excited to share with you our passion for beauty!


Beauty begins within and is manifested outwardly. We are here to help you bring forth your most gorgeous self mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.


In order to become your most gorgeous self outwardly, you must become your most gorgeous self inwardly. That means cleansing your life of negative people and thoughts, toxic friendships and one-sided relationships.


It is our hope that our magazine will become a valuable tool in helping you to bring your inner beauty, outwardly. 


Today is the day to commit to actively loving yourself. Show up for yourself...everyday and be your own biggest cheerleader...even within a stadium of "one". It's time to doggedly pursue your God-given destiny.


It is our hope that our pages will inspire you to turn a new page in your life. We want you to become so busy crushing your beauty and life goals that you won’t have time to entertain or debate with those things that bring you no beauty.


In every issue you’ll find words of encouragement for your soul and motivational messages to keep you on track. Just look for our “Manifest that Sh#t!” mantra tear sheets. Simply tear, post and repeat and get ready to manifest your best life!


So what are you waiting for? A more gorgeous you is only pages away!


* Buyers will receive a link to download our digital magazine in the "Thank You" page of the Checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

Quon's Eyes Face to Face Digital Magazine - July 2020

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