About Us

"Command the Room, Period"

Our motto is simple,

Command the Room, Period!

We are for the girls and guys who possess that once in a lifetime beauty that cannot and will not be subject to any standard, whose beauty matters, and will not be ignored.

We are for the beauties that break molds and shatter ceilings daily! We are for those with unfathomable beauty, whose soul is even more dope.

We are Quon’s Eyes!

Quon’s Eyes was created to provide high-impact, minimum-effort, luxury beauty enhancements. Our products are designed to give industry professionals to everyday women and men beauty solutions that deliver high-impact glam immediately! More than a brand, Quon’s Eyes is about celebrating diversity in beauty across all cultures, all sexes, and all nationalities. 

 Hello Gorgeous,

Ever since I can remember I’ve had a passion for beauty and making things as beautiful as possible. There is so much beauty in our world, and there is so much beauty within you. I created this brand to remind women and men of the power they possess within their unique beauty.


In a world with so many voices, and ever-changing definitions of beauty, if you don’t know who you are and what you possess it’s easy to forget just how incredible you are.


Every woman and every man deserves the ability to define his or her own beauty and the freedom to live in it. I want women and men to not just own their beauty, but command it. Unapologetically command the room, with your unique beauty -- never compromising in the freedom of simply being who you were created to be.


Beauty begins in the heart and is manifested through the eyes.


To accentuate the eyes, I created a collection of eyelashes to celebrate the complexities, desires, and passion that is your beauty.


I am so excited to share this collection with you. It is my hope that with each wear your eyes will revel a deeper and unrivaled dimension of your beauty.


You’re an undeniable force to be reckoned with, with a type of beauty that comes along only once in a lifetime, so command the room, period!



Founder & CEO


The health and safety of our valued customers is of the utmost importance to us.

During the time of State mandated closures for non-essential businesses we are not accepting in-person appointments for lash consultations or makeup applications. Our online store will remain open during this time and will continue to offer two and three day shipping.

We look forward to seeing all of our beauties again soon and are preparing now to do so. 

Future lash applications will be performed using disposable tweezers and lash tools. Personal protective equipment will be worn by your lash or makeup artist. All future makeup services will be applied using a complimentary brush set that each client will keep after each service. 

Lash and makeup clients will be asked to take a non-contact digital thermometer reading on their forehead to assess their temperature before services are performed. If a client is found to have a fever we will offer you our complimentary "get well soon gift" and will reschedule your appointment for a later time. 


We are here for you during this time. Stay safe beauties! 

About Quon

Quon's Eyes was created by makeup artist and television beauty expert, Quon Wilson. As a beauty expert, Wilson has appeared for feature on morning shows: Let's Talk Live (ABC 7/8), Great Day Washington (WUSA 9) and Good Day DC (Fox 5) in the Washington, DC market. Wilson has also appeared on NBC 4 in Washington, DC, Fox 45 in Baltimore and on Essence.com. Wilson is a graduate of HBCU, Bowie State University and a mother of one.

"The eyes excite me," said Wilson. "It's the place where we first make our most intimate connections. We can convey seduction, anger, beauty, revenge, and power with one glance. To accentuate the eyes, I created a collection of eyelashes to celebrate the complexities, desires and passions that is your beauty. It is my hope that with each wear your eyes will revel a deeper and unrivaled dimension of your beauty. For you are not defined by what you see, but what you make of what you see...so command the room, period!"

Handcrafted & Cruelty Free

Quon’s Eyes lashes are cruelty-free and ethically sourced as our mink lashes are made from mink hair that is collected during the mink’s natural shedding seasons.

A mink’s coat consists of two components: guard hairs and underfur hairs. Minks molt their guard hair twice per year. It is during the molting seasons that guard hairs are collected, leaving the mink unharmed.



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