Instantly Apply
Your Falsies 

Make applying false eyelashes easy and fast with our Hybrid Lash Adhesive Pen & Remover Pen Kit!
Our easy to use kit features an adhesive pen that functions as both an eyeliner and lash adhesive. Our adhesive dries with a black matte finish and is water-resistant — perfect for the warmer months ahead!
Our kit also includes a remover pen to remove the adhesive bond and residue when you're ready to remove your false lashes.
To apply, shake our hybrid adhesive pen. Apply 1-2 swipes of our hybrid adhesive directly above your natural lash line. Using your fingers or lash tweezers, instantly attach your false lashes. And yes we said instantly!

Get ready to kiss bad lash days goodbye, for good!

Discover our Hybrid Lash Adhesive Pen & Remover Pen Kit today!

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We care about your lash health!

 If you need assistance applying your Quon's Eyes lashes, contact us at 1-877-371-QUON (7866) to schedule a video conference call to learn how to correctly install your faux lashes and protect the health of your natural lashes.