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How To Fix Over Trimmed Lashes

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

It's okay, it happens to the best of us. Don't toss those over-trimmed lashes just yet, because they can still be used! There are two options you can use to bring new life to damaged lashes.

The first option is to conceal the band damage through the use of black gel eyeliner.

First, line both eyelids with black gel eyeliner directly above your natural lash line.

Next, apply your adhesive on the back of the remaining lash band chunks and allow the adhesive to get tacky.

Then simply reassemble and adhere the lash chunks on top of your black gel eyeliner to recreate the look of the original lash. Thanks to the black gel eyeliner, no one will notice the damage to your lash band.

If your lash is damaged too much for your comfort to do this, turn one of your damaged lashes into half-lashes and apply them to the outer corners of your eyes!

To begin, leave the outer corners of the lash intact as much as possible.

Looking at the remaining portion of the lash, cut the largest section in half starting from the center, if possible. The lash should be cut so it is half the size in length from it's original starting size.

Discard smaller sections that can not be used.  

After you are finished trimming your lashes, apply black gel eyeliner above your natural lash line and apply mascara to your eyes. 

For the final step, apply your lash adhesive to your newly created half-lashes.

Allow the adhesive to get tacky then apply your half-lashes to the outer corners of your eyes!

You are now officially ready to go and Command the Room, Period!

Until next time beauties,

XoXo Quon's Eyes

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