Love At First Sight: 7 Lash Picks To Fall In Love With Now!

Happy Valentine's Day Lash Lover!

This Valentine's Day is all about celebrating the beauty of you!

What do you love most about yourself?

Maybe it's your spirit...or your lips..or your strength. Or maybe it's your hips...your perseverance...your hair...or your eyes. Maybe it's your story, your legacy, or your heritage...or maybe it's how you move in a room.

Created with love and kept throughout time, your beauty is a gift --- an expression of love.

Your beauty is a love letter written upon your skin to remind you just how much you're loved. We're living out the greatest love story ever written and you're the leading lady! What will you do with your beauty? Will you share it with the world? Will you go forth and bring forth that in which you were created to create?

We are in awe of the intricacies and possibilities of your beauty. To celebrate the complexities, desires and passion that is your beauty, we're highlighting seven lash picks to fall in love with for Valentine's Day and beyond!

Fall into the beauty of you with our gorgeous Autumn Night mink lash. Our gorgeous lash accentuates and defines your eyes with her rich depth and volume.

She features glamorous wispy lash tips with a delicate tapered wing on the outer corners of the lash. We love how this gorgeous lash gives an ultra feminine finish to any beauty look.

With proper care this gorgeous lash can be reused up to 30 times.

Celebrate the beauty of you with our gorgeous Falling In Love With Me mink lash. This gorgeous lash accentuates and defines your eyes with her glamorous full-bodied shape. She reminds us that our beauty and true love comes from within and shines outwardly. Her beauty can be appreciated in a wide-variety of makeup looks. We love how you can pair her with a little bronzer and a gloss for a polished look for day, or apply her as the finishing touches to a high-glam look for night.

Our gorgeous 3D wing-shape lash is the perfect high-glam day to night option. With proper care this gorgeous lash can be reused up to 30 times.

Add a delicate pop of sparkle and opulence with lash style, Meet Me By The Fireside.

Made with luxurious mink, Meet Me By The Fireside features a delicate trim of bronze Swarovski crystals outlining the outer portions of the lash. We love how this gorgeous lash compliments your beauty and your jewelry! Pair her with a delicate gold necklace and gorgeous earrings to create a truly opulent look.

With unparalleled sparkle, this sleek lash style adds a pop of glamour to any beauty look. Light up the night and your eyes with our gorgeous lash. She's handcrafted on a soft cotton band, providing optimum comfort for all-day wear.

We couldn't do a list of lashes to fall in love with and not include Trophy Wife. She is by far one of our most popular lash styles...and for good reason.

When we created her we envisioned a "beautiful woman" as the "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow. Filled with priceless treasures that could be gazed upon--but never kept. Pure gold through and through, a true trophy...and that woman is You! This gorgeous lash instantly captivates onlookers in their tracks and calls attention to your unique beauty. We love the beauty and simplicity of this gorgeous lash.