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Mother's Day is officially days you still need help gifting or glamming? We have the perfect gift idea to celebrate every mom on your shopping list this year -- even if it's yourself!

Our theme for Mother's Day 2021is Luxuriate! To luxuriate means to enjoy oneself in a luxurious way; and to take self-indulgent delight. As a mom, these moments are all to often fleeting and few and far in between. We know first hand that being a mom, god-mother, mother-figure, or grandmother can be tough. Even on the most challenging days, we know there is no title on earth more precious than the gift of being known as such.

No matter how demanding your schedule is, we encourage you to celebrate the beauty of you by indulging in moments of luxury on a daily basis. You can create these moments by indulging in a luxurious bath, or elevating your daily skin or beauty ritual. Check out our gift suggestions to help celebrate the moms in your life with gifts of luxury, without breaking the bank! Save 25% off your purchase at with code MOTHER at checkout now through May 8!

Be sure to visit us online again on May 9 to check out our Mother's Day surprise to you!

Spoil the glamorous moms in your life with our gorgeous 3D mink lashes in style "I Won't Cry For You."

Glamorous moms will appreciate the instant glamour this gorgeous lash brings to the eyes, with no effort.

The lux volume and super wispy lash tips of this amazing lash will accentuate your eyes by creating depth and dimension.

Spoil the soccer moms in your life with our gorgeous mink lashes in style "Let's Frolic!"

Soccer moms will appreciate the effortless and natural glamour this gorgeous lash brings to the eyes.

Let's Frolic! is handcrafted and ultra light-weight, making her the perfect lash to keep up with your busy schedule and many demands of the day.

Spoil the dance moms and cheer moms in your life with our gorgeous mink lashes in style "Show Girl."

Dance mom/cheer mom wants to be seen as much as she wants her darling children seen. She knows every step and every routine and stands ready to join the performance should the opportunity present itself. She's not afraid of the spotlight and will gladly bask in it.

Dance mom/cheer mom will appreciate the high glamour punch this gorgeous lash packs.

We love PTA mom, who also usually holds the title of homeroom mom. She's at or leading every PTA meeting; present on all class field trips and organizing weekend playdates with other moms.

PTA mom has her hands full; give the gift of beauty that will do the heavy lifting for her. We love our Quon's Eyes Magnetizing Eyes Magnetic Lash Kit for her. This lash kit is easy to apply and features a modest lash for day and gorgeous wing lash for date night, or a night out with the girls. PTA mom will appreciate how everything she needs can be found all in one place.

Zen Mama is as cool as a cucumber and nothing is going to ruin her vibe. She mediates on the regular and is raising junior yogis.

We love our easy going Chestnut lash for zen mama. Her earthy brown & bronzy hue will have zen mama feeling enraptured with the same feeling of beauty her nature-like surroundings brings her.

Our handcrafted Chestnut lash is faux mink and can be reused up to 25 times with proper care.

On-the-go mom is on the move, and has no time to waste! We love our Quon's Eyes Hybrid Lash Adhesive Pen & Remover Pen for her.

Our amazing lash adhesive pen will allow on-the-go mom to instantly apply her lashes, with our no-wait-to-dry lash adhesive. This amazing adhesive pen creates a water-resistant seal to lock in your lash. On-the-go mom can go from the boardroom to the classroom, to the gym and never loose a lash!

Go with the flow mom is easy-going and rolls with what the day brings. She deserves a lash kit that's just as easy going as she is! We love the Quon's Eyes Artist-In-A-Box Kit for her.

This super easy lash kit features three versatile styles to choose from and our no-wait-to-dry lash adhesive pen. Simply swipe our liner and apply your lashes, and you're ready to command the room, period!

Happy Mother's Day,

XoXo, Quon's Eyes

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