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Paradise Found: Summer 2021 Lash Guide

The unofficial start of summer is here!

After a very socially-distant 2020, it’s time to find our slice of summer paradise.

Whether you’re traveling abroad or staying local — vaccinated and masked we have your go-to lash choices for every summer occasion.

The eyes are the window to the soul. It is important to emphasize your eyes and show forth the power of your inward beauty, outwardly. The eyes set the tone for every conversation you will ever have and teach people how to treat you. Set the tone and make a statement with the beauty of your eyes!

Whether you're making your rounds on the cookout scene, going poolside, or brunching with the girls; put your best face forward and get ready to command the room, period!

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Do you love the beauty inspiration from our photos? Follow our amazing model and brand ambassador Caylien Utley on Instagram @caylein_utley.

Beach Vibes

Hitting the beach? We love our Pumpkin Spice Lash. She accentuates and defines your eyes with her rich brown and bronzy hue in an ultra glamorous wing-shape, perfect for basking in the sun.

She is handcrafted and super light-weight, making her the perfect day to night lash.


For birthdays we love our Birthday Girl Lash and our Linda Lash. They both pack a major sparkle punch and scream all eyes on me. You are sure to create tons of glamorous memories in her.

Sis, it's your first birthday where we can actually gather with friends. It's time to come all the way out your bag!


Somebody cue Candy by Cameo or hit BBD's Poison because it's cookout season and sis has got to make her rounds. This cookout season you have to pack a heavy beauty punch.

You already know your pre-pandemic ex will be in attendance and you have to show them you haven't skipped a beat. We love our I Won't Cry For You Lash for revenge beauty. She is hands down gorgeous and screams "I am breathtaking and thriving". Add her to your cart now, you'll thank us later.

Date Night

Create eyes to get lost in with our gorgeous Haute Chocolate Lash. We love how she accentuates and defines your eyes with her rich full-bodied shape.

This gorgeous 3D mink lash is handcrafted, making her the perfect high-glamour day to night lash.

Family Reunions/ Family Gatherings

Sis it's a family affair! For family gatherings we love our Round The Way Girl Lash.

We love her modest length and glamorous whipsy lash tips. She's a beauty that even mom would approve of.

Music Festivals/ Summer Concerts/ Wine Festivals

Bring on the glam and command the room, period in our gorgeous Meet Me By The Fireside Lash.

Meet Me By The Fireside features a delicate trim of bronze crystals outlining the outer trim of the lash. With unparalleled sparkle, this sleek lash style adds a pop of sparkle, perfect for any festival or concert look.

Poolside Vibes

Heading to the pool? Bask in the sun wearing our gorgeous Falling In Love With Me mink lash.

This gorgeous lash accentuates and defines your eyes with her glamorous full-bodied shape. Our gorgeous 3D wing lash is the perfect high-glam day to night option. She also features super glamorous wispy tips.

Pride 2021

Celebrate Pride 2021 in bright, bold, and vivacious colors.

Rooftop Vibes

See and be seen IRL in our gorgeous Virtual Hottie Lash.

Virtual Hottie accentuates and defines your eyes with her glamorous round shape. This gorgeous 3D lash is handcrafted and light-weight, making her the perfect day to night lash. She features ultra-glamorous wispy tips and is the perfect lash for swanky summer rooftop gatherings.

Summer Brunches With The Girls

Bring on the glam and bring on the mimosas in our gorgeous Trophy Wife Lash.

She is the perfect lash for glamorously brunching with friends. Trophy Wife is handcrafted on a soft cotton band, providing optimum comfort for all-day wear.


Weddings are hectic enough as is, we have the perfect lash kit to get you ready for your next wedding in an instant!

Whether you are a guest, a member of the bridal party, or the bride; score picture perfect lashes using our Magnetizing Eyes Magnetic Lash Kit.

Add her to your cart now, your wallet and future selfies will thank you later!

Vacation Vibes

Be ready for any occasion or destination with our amazing Artist-In-A-Box Kit.

Each kit features three unique looks to take you from day to night and are perfect for travel. Instantly attach your lashes with our water-resistant, hybrid lash adhesive pen. Yes ladies, apply your lashes with no adhesive dry-time!

Glamming on the go has never looked so good!

Got an occasion we haven't covered? Call us at 1-877-371-QUON to schedule a virtual appointment and let us help you pick your perfect lash!

XoXo, Quon's Eyes

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