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The Importance Of Protecting Your Ocular health

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Lashes are absolutely stunning and provide the ability to instantly transform your appearances within seconds. The application of false lashes and lash extensions are more than beauty trends. False lashes applied in the appropriate lash style can also provide corrective aesthetic benefits. As the application of false lashes can bring symmetry to the eyes as well as make the eyes appear more open and youthful. The beauty pay-off of wearing lashes is not without cost as all lashes require proper care and maintenance.

Without such, your lashes can compromise your ocular health. Every time you touch your lashes or rub your eyes throughout the day you are transmitting germs from your hands to your lashes and eyes.

Our hands - even in the most healthy and fastidious of us — are teeming with bacteria. The average person can find between 2 to 10 million traces of bacteria hiding between your fingertips and elbows.

Without proper hand washing, most germs can survive for up to three hours on your hands.

Every time you touch your lashes or your eyes throughout the day, you run the risk of transmitting harmful bacteria and viruses to your eyes. Common eye infections include bacterial and viral conjunctivitis.

Viral conjunctivitis is the most common type of pink eye. This conjunctivitis is very contagious and usually causes burning, red eyes with a watery discharge.

Viral conjunctivitis is most commonly caused by the same virus that causes runny noses, sore throats and the common cold.

Bacterial conjunctivitis is also very contagious. Bacteria infection causes this form of pink eye. Symptoms usually include sore, red eyes with a lot of sticky pus.

Amongst other modes of transmission, bacterial conjunctivitis can be contracted from applying applying eye makeup using dirty makeup brushes.

To mitigate your risk of developing such, you must properly wash and store your makeup brushes and never share your makeup brushes with anyone.

Makeup brushes should be washed at minimum weekly. If you drop your brushes on the floor wash your brushes immediately before use. If you have an active acne breakout, wash your brushes after each use and allow them to throughly dry before using them again. When you have an active acne breakout and pustules are present you want to wash your brushes nightly to prevent the spread of acne bacteria to other parts of your face. It is also important to note that brushes should never be stored at the bottom of your makeup bag. Brushes should be stored in a brush organizer or a cup in your bedroom and not in your bathroom. The hot steam from your showers and baths can promote the ideal environment for bacteria growth on your brushes.

Bacterial conjunctivitis can also be contracted from applying unkempt, dirty eyelashes. To mitigate your risk of developing such you must properly wash and store your eyelashes.

Unkempt lashes can very quickly become a breading ground for unwanted bacteria. When not in use, false lashes should be stored in their original packaging tray or a suitable lash storage case to maintain their proper shape and keep debris from collecting on them.

(*Featured photo shows bacteria culture grown in two weeks on a tryptic soy agar plate from sample of unkempt lashes.)

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When wearing removable strip lashes, lash wearers should establish 2-3 lash wash nights per week (at minimum), to keep bacteria from building up on your lashes.

Our plant-based Rose Hibiscus Lash Lather is formulated and gentle enough for nightly lash washes, if desired.

Besides smelling absolutely amazing, our foamy lash cleanser features antimicrobial properties and hydrating elements from ingredients like Rose Hip Seed Oil and Eriobotrya Japonica extract to deeply clean, nourish and restore your lashes.

After one wash using our plant-based cleanser, lashes are immediately softened and return to their natural luster. Our formula can also be used to clean eyelash extensions as well as your natural lashes to aid in removing stubborn eye makeup. Our cleanser also comes with a brush to help you massage our lather into your lashes to help further remove bacteria and debris. 

For makeup and lash wearers proper hygiene practices are essential to protect your overall health and well-being. If you wouldn't forgo washing your hands, you shouldn't forgo washing your lashes and makeup brushes.

Until the next time beauties, Command the Room, Period!

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  • Dispense one pump of Lash Lather onto your Quon's Eyes lash brush.

  • Thoroughly and gently brush cleanser across front and back of lash band in short sweeping strokes.

  • Using downward strokes, brush remaining cleanser into the lash hairs from base to tip.

  • Rinse lashes in warm water and gently pat dry.

  • Allow lashes to thoroughly dry before adhering again.

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