The Lash Accessory You Didn't Know You Needed!

False lashes are absolutely gorgeous, but like any good beauty tool...there's levels to this! False lashes must be properly maintained so they don't become a hazard to your ocular health.

Bacteria and viruses can enter the body through the eyes. It's imperative to exercise caution with anything that touches the eyes or comes in close contact with the eyes.

To get the most out of your false lashes and to protect your lash & ocular health, you need a great lash cleanser to remove harmful bacteria and debris from your lashes. Daily lash wearers should aim to establish 2-3 lash wash nights per week. Just as important as cleansing your lashes, is how you store...or don't store your false lashes when not in use. Leading us to the most important lash accessory that you didn't know that you need. The most important lash accessory that all lash wearers need is a lash storage unit.

Improper storage of false eyelashes can increase your risk for developing an unwanted eye infection. When left exposed around the house, false lashes can easily collect allergens, bacteria, and debris.

We recommend storing your false eyelashes in our Quon's Eyes Lash Organizer. Our deluxe lash organizer features a top drawer to store your lash tools, three trays with 18 individual lash holders.

Our lash holders are thoughtfully designed to mimic the shape of an eyelid to help maintain the natural shape of the lash band.

You should store your Quon's Eyes Lash Organizer in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing your lashes and lash organizer anywhere that is hot, moist, or bright. Over time these elements can change the shape of your lashes and decrease your lash life. Opt to store your lashes and lash organizer somewhere that is cool and dry.

Contact wearers don't leave their contacts exposed when not in use. So you shouldn't leave your false lashes exposed when not in use.

Until the next time beauties, Command the Room, Period!

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