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Get The Look: Opulent Orange Kisses

Bring depth and dimension to your Fall beauty looks by adding an opulent orange lip and decadent lashes to amp up your beauty game!

Model: Caylein Utley @caylein_utley

Makeup Artist: Quon Wilson @cis4contour

Photographer: Jean Marc @jeanmarcphoto

Pulling together some of my favorite trends – bold lips, beautiful skin, and lux lashes. I created this gorgeous look on our model, Caylein.

This look is all about our beautiful mink and fox fur lashes paired with glowing bronze skin and a perfect pumpkin pout.

If you don’t already own an orange lipstick, gloss, or blush put it on your beauty must buy list today! It’s just one of those colors that really translates beautifully across all skin tones (with proper application).

If you do a bold orange lip, mute the eye. If you’re wearing an orange blush try pairing it with a gorgeous gloss and muted eye so you don’t create too many focal points on the face. With this look we kept it fresh with beautiful glowing skin.

Instead of using a powder bronzer to contour, I opted for a cream bronzer. I applied the cream bronzer with a sponge to build the desired bronze effect, while still allowing Caylein’s beautiful skin to come through.

After shaping the brows, I applied my cream bronzer in the shape of a backwards 3 on both sides of Caylein’s face. I then highlighted down the bridge of her nose with a beautiful cream illuminator.

I finished her look with an orange pout, neutral lid color, and a pair of Quon’s Eyes luxury fur lashes in style “Come-Hither”. Secured on a soft cotton band, winged lash style “Come - Hither” is handcrafted with mink fur. The lux lash also features accents of fox fur on the outer portion of the lash. With proper care, these gorgeous lashes can be reused up to 30 times.

Key Products To Get The Look:

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate $85 SEPHORA.COM

Dose of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick- Color: Hot Fire $18 DOSEOFCOLORS.COM

Quon's Eyes 3D Mink & Fox Fur Lashes in style Come-Hither $40 QUONSEYES.COM

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