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How to Wear Falsies & Protect Your Lash Health

Updated: May 23, 2020

We all love a good lash lewk, but even more important than those gorgeous lashes are how you apply them! Wrongly applying your falsies can cause major damage that your natural lashes may not recover from, especially as we age and our lash growth cycle slows.

As gorgeous as eyelash extensions are, I recommend them for limited special occasions only.

Eyelash extensions can make short, sparse lashes look thicker and luxurious, but not without risks. Eyelash extensions are individual fibers that are glued, one by one or in small groups, on and between your natural eyelashes to enhance the appearance of the eyes.

Frequent use of eyelash extensions or over-filling by your lash tech can damage your hair follicles responsible for eyelash growth. Eyelash extensions are applied using a professional strength adhesive and can be difficult to remove without the proper tools and techniques.

To safely enhance your lashes I recommend the use of strip eyelashes, but they too must be applied properly with the appropriate adhesive to protect your lashes. When applied correctly, our strip lashes are like a protective style for your natural lashes.

Before you can apply your strip lashes you must begin with the proper adhesive. Hair bonding glue is not an appropriate lash adhesive for any reason. To apply your lashes I recommend DUO Brush-On Lash Adhesive.The formula is hypoallergenic and fast-drying with a clear, undetectable finish. The formula will hold your lashes securely in place in a wide variety of environmental settings.

With the proper adhesive you can safely apply your strip lashes with the proper placement. When adhering your strip lashes you want to apply your lash directly above your natural lash line (where you would apply your eyeliner). Strip eyelashes that are properly applied are like a protective style for your natural lashes.

If you notice any separation between your natural lashes and your strip lashes you can bring the two together by curling your lashes with a lash curler and applying a small amount of mascara to the base of your natural lashes. When applying mascara, keep the mascara limited to the base of your natural lashes to prevent damaging your strip lashes with excessive mascara.

Until next time beauties, Command the Room, Period!

xoxo, Quon

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